New Michigan Resident

  • Welcome to the Department of State's web site for new Michigan residents. To assist you with driver license, vehicle registration, and voter registration information, please select a topic below. Additional information is in our FAQ section.

Driver License Requirements

  • REAL ID-Compliant Driver's License and ID Information
    Beginning Oct. 1, 2021, Michigan residents will need to present a REAL ID-compliant document to fly within the United States and enter certain federal facilities under federal law.
    Michigan Secretary of State offices now offer REAL ID-compliant driver's licenses and ID cards, which are marked with a gold circle with a star inside.
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  • Under Age 18

    New Michigan residents under age 18.

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  • Age 18 and Over

    New Michigan residents 18 and over.

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  • Step-by-Step Guide for Obtaining a Driver's License

    Xổ số trực tiếp thành phốA useful guide outlining the steps needed for a Michigan Driver's License.

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  • Xổ số trực tiếp thành phốThis guide serves as a reference for migrant farmworkers about driving safely and Michigan traffic laws. The guide does not include every Michigan traffic law. It is meant as a resource to provide greater understanding by the migrant community and increase safety on the roads.

  • Este es un manual de referencia para los trabajadores agrícolas migrantes sobre las leyes de tránsito para manejar de manera aseguranza en Michigan. Este manual no incluye todas las leyes de tránsito de Michigan.

  • Driver License Fees

    The following is a summary of commonly requested information regarding driver's license fees.

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Watercraft and Recreational Vehicle Requirements

Vehicle Registration Requirements

Registering and Voting in Michigan

  • Step-By-Step Guide to Registering to Vote in Michigan

    A helpful guide outlining the steps needed to register to vote in Michigan.

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  • Xổ số trực tiếp thành phốVoters can use the Michigan Voter Information Center to: View your sample ballot for the upcoming election, track your absentee ballot, verify your voter registration, find your polling place, contact your local election official, find answers to frequently asked questions.