Forms for Examiners

  • Examiners are required to submit the completed forms listed below to the Driver Education & Testing Section periodically.
  • DES-N05 Medical Examination Report PDF icon
  • Individuals who possess a valid CDL will need to submit the DOT medical certificate to the Driver Programs Division.

  • TPT - Live Scan Fingerprint Background Check Request

    Each driver testing business owner, designated representative and examiner is required to submit the completed TPT - Live Scan Fingerprint Background Check Request form to the Driver Education & Testing Section after being fingerprinted by a MDOS approved - Michigan State Police live scan vendorContact Driver Education & Testing Section to obtain the current form; MDOS cannot accept an outdated form.

Driving Skills Test Certificates and Score Sheets

  • Ordering Information

    Xổ số trực tiếp thành phốMaterials associated with driver skills testing

Additional Information

  • If your testing business needs a document, form or manual that you cannot find on the department webpages, you may email for assistance.  Identify yourself by including your driver testing business number, driver testing business name, examiner name, and examiner number.