Laws & Regulations

  • Get Your Endorsement!

    To operate a motorcycle on public roads, you must possess a valid Michigan driver's license with a motorcycle endorsement. Operating a motorcycle without an endorsement can cost you in the resulting court fines.

    Definition of a Motorcycle

    A motorcycle is a two- or three-wheeled motor vehicle with a saddle or seat that can attain speeds greater than 30 mph on a level surface. Some vehicles, such as "pocket rockets" or "mini choppers," may meet this definition, but do not have all of the equipment required by Michigan law to legally drive them on public roads and will not be registered by the Department of State.

  • Michigan Motorcycle Laws Guide for Motorcycle Operators (OHSP-9800) PDF icon
  • Anyone who has failed the Rider Skills Test twice and individuals under 18 years of age must take a Motorcycle Rider Safety Training Course to obtain their motorcycle endorsement.
  • Motorcycle Legislative Highlights