Patel Institute of Nursing & Allied Health Sciences

Patel Hospital was a dream of our patrons, (Late) Mr. Abdul Ghaffar Abdul Rehman alias Mittho Patel and his wife, (Late) Mrs. Zubeda Abdul Ghaffar, who were renowned social worker and philanthropist of Bantava Memon Community. They wished for a well-reputed Hospital that could attract people from all walks of life. It took around 25 years before their dream turned into reality.

Mr. & Mrs. Mittho Patel used their personal finances to build this hospital with the intention to provide quality health services to all, regardless of cast, creed or colour. They dedicated their entire life to make Patel Hospital a successful living example.

In today’s world, where one would want to live for himself, Patel Hospital is an effort of these two people, whose human intention and dedication has blessed so many people who come in contact with this hospital either to obtain services or support. The success of Patel Hospital lies in its enthusiastic, energetic, dedicated and hardworking team; and it is an example for many who would want to join the stream of services for humanity.

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