Hunting Locations with Accessible Features

  • The following locations have accessible hunting blinds available:

    Sleepy Hollow State Park: Two accessible hunting blinds, one is a ground blind and one is a hydraulic lift blind. They can be reserved by calling the park at 517-651-6217.

    Xổ số trực tiếp thành phốPinckney Recreation Area: Two accessible hunting blinds. They can be reserved by calling the recreation area at 734-426-4913.

    Rifle River Recreation Area: The Huntmaster classic hunting blind can be reserved by calling the recreation area at 989-473-2258. Learn more about this hunting blind.

    Xổ số trực tiếp thành phốHolly Recreation Area: One accessible hunting blind. This can be reserved by calling the recreation area at 248-634-0240.

  • The following state game areas have accessible hunting features. For more information about these features and their location within the state game areas, please call the specified phone number. 

    • Allegan State Game Area: 269-673-2430
    • Fish Point State Wildlife Area: 989-674-2511
    • Maple River State Game Area: 517-373-9358
    • Nayanquing Point State Wildlife Area: 989-697-5101
    • Sanilac State Game Area: 989-872-5300
    • Shiawassee River State Game Area: 989-865-6211

    See a list of all State Game/Wildlife Areas with details and maps

Special Hunting Opportunities

  • Xổ số trực tiếp thành phốThe mission of MiOFO is to provide improved outdoor recreation opportunities for wounded veterans and individuals with health challenges; and, to coordinate a support network that facilitates their recovery through connecting with nature.

  • Special Hunt Opportunities at the Sharonville State Game Area

    Xổ số trực tiếp thành phốDuring dedicated hunting days, the hunt area will be open only to deer hunters with disabilities who have been drawn for a permit, along with their accompanying companions (commonly referred to as "operators"). 

  • Liberty Hunt (Youth Hunt and Hunters With Disabilities)

    Veterans with disabilities and individuals with disabilities who qualify, along with youth ages 16 and younger may participate in this hunt. For qualified persons with disabilities, valid licenses include a deer or deer combo license.

  • Adult applicant with advanced illness must have a physician certification of advanced illness and will produce this documentation upon the request of a peace officer.

  • Special Turkey Hunting Opportunities for Youth and Hunters with Disabilities

    Special hunting opportunities are available for properly licensed hunters with a disability during May (Hunt 234).

  • Independence Hunt

    This 4-day firearm deer hunt will take place on private lands or public land requiring an access permit, beginning the Thursday prior to the third Saturday in October of each year.

Permits, Licenses, Exemptions

  • Bow permits for hunters with disabilities

    A person with a temporary or permanent disability may apply for a permit to use a crossbow or modified bow during the late archery season in the Upper Peninsula or the Bear Archery season.

  • Creates an exception for a person with a disability to requirements regarding the transport and possession of a firearm in a vehicle, and allows a person with a disability to possess a loaded firearm and discharge it to take an animal from in or upon a vehicle, other than a car or truck, if the vehicle is not moving.

  • Argo use on state land

    Xổ số trực tiếp thành phốThis addresses only Michigan state regulations. To determine regulations on federal property, contact the federal agency with jurisdiction over the areas where you wish to operate.

  • Permit to hunt from a standing vehicle

    A person who is permanently disabled and unable to walk in a hunting situation, may apply for a permit to hunt from a standing vehicle.

  • ORV certification for persons with a disability

    Persons that meet certain criteria are permitted to operate licensed ATVs or ORVs on forest roads that are open to public vehicular travel on state lands, including those not posted open to ORVs.

  • Laser sighting devices for hunters with disabilities

    Information about using a laser sighting device to take gave with a firearm or crossbow for hunters who are legally blind and for hunters with other permanent disabilities.

  • Use of ground blinds on public land by hunters with disabilities

    Any person who has been issued a permit to hunt from a standing vehicle, or who has been issued a disabled person parking permit by the Secretary of State, or who meets the disability standards set forth in the Michigan Off-Road Recreational Vehicle Law, may use a constructed ground blind on public land.