Current Volunteer Events
Bald Mountain Recreation Area - Jan. 9, Volunteer Stewardship Workday

The Graham Lake Fen Complex needs your help. Join us in cutting glossy buckthorn and other invasive shrubs that threaten this unique ecosystem.

Waterloo Recreation Area - Jan. 10, Volunteer Stewardship Workday

Aid restoration efforts by cutting glossy buckthorn, a terrible wetland invasive shrub that would otherwise takeover this valuable fen ecosystem.

Belle Isle Park - Jan. 16, Stewardship Saturdays

Join us for Stewardship Saturdays on Belle Isle. Our winter project will focus on cutting invasive shrubs. 

Island Lake Recreation Area - Jan. 23, Volunteer Stewardship Workday

Help clear out invasive shrubs that could take over valuable prairie remnants and crowd out native plants.

Brighton Recreation Area - Jan. 24, Volunteer Stewardship Workday

Xổ số trực tiếp thành phốHelp us remove glossy buckthorn and other invasive shrubs from this beautiful fen ecosystem.

Pinckney Recreation Area - Jan. 31, Volunteer Stewardship Workday

Join us in cutting invasive shrubs to protect Hankerd dry sand prairie and oak barrens and the native plants that call it home.